Almost a franchise, FoamKrete is very limited to affordable housing uses.

Cement aftermixture
... A unique Oregon rain forest non-toxic PH neutral building material using new nano-technology chemistry for building Cellular Lightweight Concrete ECO natural homes. The good news is that besides being an answer to Climate Change, the almost do-it-yourself tilt-up walls are an affordable 'rock solid' housing solution to recover from the inflationary aftermath of sub-prime mortgage speculation that continues to this day, worldwide, contributing to the instability of international paper currency.

Cost saving building material
... The CLC additive that has allowed nations that have access to a particular mixture of a matrix identified as nepheline syenite, to pump a CLC through a flexible hose, with a fine tipped nozzle to 3D print houses in China for $5,000, and much fancier and dramatic homes in Russia, which has the world's largest supply, for $10,000.

a climate change answer.
.. For building Wildfire Resistant walls with a Class One four-hour fire protection up to 3,000 degrees. Or, retro rehabbing houses with a sprayed, or troweled on, stucco protection outside or inside, that also takes care of mold and sound problems.

Concrete that floats
... A really strong rigid insulation system when cured in an 'envelope' that has an 'R' value rating that leaves the 'pink people' seeing red. Add a built-in solar rainwater harvesting smart roof, and be able to live off a public infrastructure grid and save further on land development costs.

Earthquake building material answer
... By permanently sealing leaks around window frames with an 80% air foam, a CLC house is also less vulnerable to cracking during earthquakes, or blown apart as a stick built home does in a tornado or hurricane.

Able to free float off of a separate dense expendable concrete "tremor pad" during flash floods, or landslides that seem to be following every catastrophic wildfire, the cost of an intact home recovery may only be the cost of repositioning on the lot that is still being covered through mortgage payments.

Green, zero energy housing
... Astounding in that a zero energy "green" house actually will be cheaper to build than an old-fashioned stick built home when materials, labor installing windows, and expensive routing of electrical conduit and installing plumbing is considered. Embedding PCV pathways in an insulated wall which can be sawn, drilled, routered, is stronger than cutting away 2x4" studs after construction.

Low cost buildings
... Economical for following the formula where 94-pound bags of 100% Portland Cement are needed to take advantage of building a dense concrete house, the overall cost is reduced 60%.

This without calculating the cost of adding additional aggregate to cement, as sand, gravel, and rock, which is why a handy crude premixed and bagged concrete formula is not an apple to apple comparison of "face powder" cement mixed with a "face powder" nepheline syenite silica sand to achieve a 3500 PSI compression strength.

Not the 3000, or less PSI rating, when "not as fine" filler aggregates, as ordinary beach sand, crude gravel, and rocks are used. Not only is concrete with "voids" difficult to cure and polish to a smooth surface, weaker walls require expensive rebar reinforcement to meet a traditional home's load bearing wall of 2,500 PSI. No-rebar concrete also lasts longer.

naturally soluble silicon sand aggregate
... A 60% saving calculation when measured against purchasing five 94 pound bags of cement in a do-it-yourself big box building store for $12 each, or $60.

When pure, un-patentable, untouched, nepheline syenite is activated as an after-mixer to a cement mortar, the volume of concrete expands four to five times! Which means at the checkout counter you would only have to pay for one bag of cement, and an equally priced measured to mix bag of nepheline syenite FoamKrete™, to replace three additional not needed bags, is a saving of $36.

What is not as easily calculated, given that FoamKrete's naturally soluble silicon sand aggregate replaces the need to purchase additional bags of lesser quality sand (gravel, and rock) which brings down PSI standards of walls that does not have much of an insulating quality. Which brings up the question of how thick do FoamKrete™ walls need to be in square feet calculations when building to traditional home building plans?

takes advantage of the US Mining Law of 1872
... The answer to question is if underground material of nepheline syenite is controlled by a monopolistic competition of Russia, Norway, China, Iran, Pakistan, India (SIPOREX) and Brazil. These are listed in size of deposits. The closest competitors of the Table Mountain, Oregon deposit are the multinational ownership of an Ontario, Canada, and lesser sized Mexican deposits that have mainly been used for felspathic clear glass production.

In America proper, other than Table Mountain, Oregon, the only other commercial source of nepheline syenite is 3M out of Arkansas and New Mexico. The Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company proudly was featured in an international bestselling book, "In Search of Excellence," one of the biggest selling business books ever written. Their corporate structure allows "out of the box" innovators the lead over traditionally minded lawyers and their cost cutting accountants that might not really understand the financial phrase of "forward looking."

Those curious about searching for nepheline syenite as a building material on the Internet need to realize that private proprietary reports have not revealed to the public the scientific breakthroughs of late, other than nepheline syenite being in competition with coal burning smokestack fly ash, a nasty chemical substitution for Si02. Using Al2O3, supplying through only five suppliers of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (look that up on YouTube) in the US, and only two of these use free traded or US nepheline syenite.

3M's "independent" engineers understand the potential of new ideas and are selling finished AAC slabs that do have a European Rockwool tilt-up wall similarity. 3M also has been into roofing tiles for some time, appear to be working with Owens Corning, and more recently with Elon Musk's Tesla Solar Roof which will make the Eco practicality of both capturing "free" rainwater and electrical power.

It is wonderful that the US still has big corporations that manufacture homes, but as the 78-year old signal signer owner of 250,000,000 uniform tons of in-place of nepheline syenite dedicated to a USFS CFR and EPA ECO plan of action dedicated to a FoamKrete™ that can economically, environmentally, and righteously can be safely be mined underground by otherwise unemployed Oregon loggers and mill-workers.

And given my age, and serendipitous happenstance, verified on my personal website of BarryMurray [dotcom], a prospector, thinking different than the average type Bear, I have formulated Western Mining Law of 1872 proven tonnage into an individual to individual trade, as a financial investment right now of $10 per in-place ton certificate, a piece of paper that covers an individual's rock through FoamKrete™ contracts to mine, mill, and market, or build within a tax advantageous way for the individual dealer joining a distributor network to secure a country-wide trademarked "franchise" that is already protected by being the scarcity of naturally soluble nepheline syenite.

Ten dollar per startup ton for now, as Oregon nepheline syenite happens to be almost the exactly same nepheline syenite chemistry (shown below) of what is currently being sold on for $250 per ton FOB China.
America's answer to clean air technology

Why the price difference? Volume. I would rather 'give away' billions to make millions. As a right to life high school dropout only subject to salaried withholding tax while employed by 'Old Iron Pants' Curtis LeMay as a one-step above USAF photo intel analyst in England, I continued on a life-long learning curve in what is now the University of West London.

I actually have had two freelance careers. Sixty years in mineral exploration learned by doing, and in media as successfully publishing a high gloss color print Economic Currents Magazine.

I want to pass on this economic opportunity for energetic, self-starting blue color workers looking for a pathway to success to "join in the start-up of an affordable housing business." Where one man, one vote, trumps a designated "two percent" where casino hedge fund capitalists have been controlling the emotional Wall Street big board game of "I Win," but sadly, where retirement programs, loose.

I am an Asperger's innovative thinker as "share the wealth" Steve Jobs that Wall Street fired; Bill Gates along with Warren Buffet funding critical research into alternative answers to sustainability; and Henry Ford who doubled the daily wage on his Model T assembly line so the workers who produced his successful creation could actually afford to buy one to commute to work.

An answer to the housing bubble crisis
... I agree that mineral manufacturing wealth in the ground is more efficient when priming the pump to save the workforce that once made America great again. How, by offering opportunities to the under-employed in developing a new product to make enough money to join in the patriotic duty to pay your part of your fair share in taxes.

Research Opinion from Stanford lately is that the major of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) a Bush era solution where only connected bankers benefited by trading shares in their banks before government cash infusions, which really "kicked the can down the road".

Which has brought us to the brink of a Second Housing Bubble, in a Second Great Recession, in a Second Great Depression, for not paying attention to the basic need of affordable shelter. The real insult is that artificially inflated paper commodity prices, have no reality today when measured in the long, and short selling devaluation of of the true wealth of the Earth.

Si02 nano-technology at workHackers have been busy trying to stop the introduction of a new competitive product (?) which is why data is now being delivered by locked virus free Adobe Acrobat PDFs that also may be downloaded from a secure server for due diligence filing purposes,

Marketed as
.. Is not the fraud, as suggested by anonymous "foreign interests", in that unlike many "too good to be true" best kept insider secrets being sold by Spam Press releases to 'so called' long term mining investors to profit from a quick flip trade, the 500 million ton Oregon Nepheline Syenite project is totally documented by qualified government reports, backed up by university level research paper

What is even better is as the "Trump Bump" market that seems to be based upon short term emotions, and 140 character tweets, rather than practicable long term fiscal reality reading, really is not be a very good 'hedge fund bet'!

Far better you switch from being a lottery style $10 'prayer' to a being your own self managed $10 'player'! To keep you on track doing your own financial homework!

One of the things I require when dealing with real people is, that they also be real, with both a with a real address and phone number as >>>>>

Know that you can find me by reading all the way through the PDFs, or by clicking on an old-timers face you just know you can trust.




Prospector Barry Murray in the field.

Barry Murray, of, is my name. If you want to talk with me I can be reached at 503-753-5868,or at POB 678 Waldport, Oregon 97394. Or click on me in the photo and I just might trust you with my Spam free hidden FoamKrete™ e-mail address!

A non-corporation financial opportunity
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