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Best way to find a job with a future is to hire yourself.
A fourth step could be choosing to be a part of a local county wide "franchise" start-up FoamKreteDistributorship really needs to be answed by you bringing local "dealer" friends together in your own umbrella LLC that could also rent the specialzed on-site mixer/pump that small business contractors and DYI builders would need to process the unique building material. A part of the trademarked protection FoamKrete™ would be offering co-op advertising funding in your local area, including featuring a "member" builder.
Build clean air housing with smart solar and rainwater harvesting roof.
A fifth flow-through step to solving your own personal housing needs could be answered by joining in on the start-up of a CO-OP to build affordable rent to own houses, time share resorts, spend-down retirement villages.

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Understanding what makes a mine out of a prospect requires a little more experience than just reading press releases.
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