Almost a franchise, FoamKrete is a breakthrough building material for  affordable housing.


Beware. This sometimes blackballed for censorship control reasons website is an attempt to distribute direct, bypassing established corporations, and their "big board" stock exchanges, to deliver a "buy the ton" affordable home building product. The answer to "what is an affordable housing material", and "how to survive global climate change problems"?

Here, in two small business Adobe Acrobat PDF locked to be cyber safe for reading online or downloading for filing cabinet verification as to what was promised or implied. Also note that by requesting that any actual financial transactions go through a physical U.S. Post Office delivery, is another protection. There is a level of honesty not easily found on today's Internet, for the ability of a USPO "wire and mail fraud" inspectors to ask a federal grand jury for indictments.

This small business is based upon an individual to individual transactions, as a bill of sale receipt, and holding service fees, and a contract down payment leading to a retail product delivery that holds a physical wealth measured in a basic need for shelter. That this is an actual product versus the empty paper " holder in due course" promises sold off "to shame on you" hedge funds to bundle into some very dangerous platform traded credit default swaps.

This old-fashioned way of "I owe you" mining camp financing through selling the right to "work a lay" or leasing an ore body (which is how the world's largest precious metals corporation started) is actually a protection for want-to-be FoamKrete enabled homeowners from losing value through inflation and deflation in stocks, bonds, and currency manipulations.

How dealing direct to individual dealers leading the way to retail delivery from a local location, location, location distribution centers, is explained in the retail brochure shown below. Click-on-the-cover for a cyber to safe to read, download, or forward to a friend, for being securely locked in an Adobe Acrobat cloud-delivered PDF.

The dealer's brochure simply sells the quality and homeowner benefits of a very rare, all natural, non-toxic, mineral from Table Mountain, Oregon, identified as ‘Peralkaline’ Nepheline Syenite. This uniform deposit of many million's of tons is protected from hostile big business takeover by a family Land and Mineral Trust. The only other (smaller) US deposit of ‘Peralkaline nepheline’ is in New Mexico. This material is owned by 3M which markets a Fire Barrier mortar mix with the same Class One 4 hours, at 3000º degrees resistance.

The Chinese broke the top secret of the ‘Peralkaline’ Nepheline Polymer Cement by grinding down to "face powder" the naturally bundled and soluble mix of Alumina and Silica Dioxide sand, to match the same fineness of Portland Cement when mixed as concrete.

When ordinary Portland Cement is dry rotated in a small batch on-site mixer/pump with a Nepheline Aluminium Silicate Cement parts A, and B, the magic begins. Being activated with a simple trade secret liquid expands the pumpable increase into forms designed for a CLC light Concrete output volume four to five times the volume over that of traditional dense concrete truck delivered varieties known for cracking during earthquakes.

China was also the first to realize that without customary re-bar, and gravel and rock fillers, which in practice weakens a walls strength through bubble voids, that CLC concrete could actually be pumped through a 3D printer nepheline nozzle. The Russians soon followed this idea with some very innovative 3D housing output in a sub-Arctic Winter.

India, Pakistan, Iran, Holland also have been proving CLC benefits by pushing the "affordable housing" bounty over a "sell less, make more" policy. Some of the "let's just do this attitude" without waiting for years of engineering studies, has led to cobbling together "foamcrete" equipment in Indonesia, Australia, Egypt, and South Africa, which have been showing the potential of overcoming their housing needs.

The first part to join in a USA housing revolution is to access a dealer's FoamKrete brochure (click the cover)

An unusual ECO building material, and unusal alt finance way to afford to build a house.


In the United States, both AAC and CLC concrete may have been held back by a very competitive foreign cartel, most likely connected with some multinational dark money control of banking and the elimination of tariffs. And/or a competitive US Enterprise that most likely has grown to a position of influence by deep state PAC manipulations which are alleged violations of Sherman Anti-Trust laws.

And, the substituting big coal's dangerous toxic waste fly ash for Roman Cement style Pozzilins is nowhere as lasting as structures still standing in Italy crossing rivers and saltwater estuaries, has also led to confusion as to PSI strength testing.

The other one-sided control, as proven by the bursting of a manipulated sub-prime mortgage bubble, and a too big to fail market crash where Wall Street et al. was bailed out by The Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) where the ENTITLED gathered great wealth, and the UNPROTECTED began a downward spiral of losing their homes, and then an impossibility of finding AFFORDABLE rentals, where for many working families the only answer was to buy a tent and find somewhere where it was legal to camp for even one-night.

This total scraping of anything fair went right along with Good Old Boys Club of individual states meddling with regulating regulations as to:

1) What qualifies as an accredited investor to be publicly offered an "insider opportunity." In California that takes "earned income that exceeded $200,000 (or $300,000 together with a spouse) in each of the prior two years, and reasonably expects the same for the current year, OR has a net worth over $1 million, either alone or together with a spouse (excluding the value of the person’s primary residence)." All of this supposedly was to protect widows and orphans from financial disaster.

2) And the winner-take-all changes to the old established rules about homestead exemptions, especially in a bankruptcy brought on by mortgage debt, which the powerful have used to their exclusive leveraged advantage.

3) Then understand that the small businesses of Western American miners has been "free-traded?" away to foreign stock exchanges, thanks to individual states Blue Sky Law opinions, and SEC "Reg D" exclusions.

Fortunately for those who realize that the true wealth of the Earth is natural things sown and grown to be harvested, or collected by gathering, or mined. They are valuable for meeting the basic needs of Americans for clean water, food, shelter, and a correct way of the wealth of human resources to make a living.

The people's Mining Law of 1872 (a companion to the opening of the West to homesteading) recognized Associated Mining Companies as not being a "Security", and that underground ownership of an in-place ton was not regulated by exact surface location for the simple fact of the Apex rule which allows the highest miner up the mountain to follow a lode underground even if under someone else's private property.

So this is the basis of the Mining Law of 1872 "Prudent Man" claim holder on Table Mountain selling individually owned in-place tons of what will be marketed to other individuals (almost as a piece of a rock solid venture) of ECO-Foam-Concrete, as explained after at the end of the of the following individual dealer's hand out to the public, brochure.

The flow-through (possible good old boy club taxation benefit) from ECO-Minerals-Stockpile to an ECO-Milling-Mining delivery contract to a retail dealer / distributorship, leading to FoamKrete™ as an independent businessman "dealer" distributorship, of what is NOT a franchise. The individual's ROI, including a 2% royalty return for both the claim holder and the first in line bill of sale promised delivery out the back end of the grinding mill.

The hardest part of explaining this to the currently, or one paycheck away from being, homeless! Or a struggling hometown business-as-usual financial advisors, is that FoamKrete™ is almost a do-it-yourself flow-through pathway where a $20 per ton bill of sale from ECO-Minerals-Stockpile; with another $20 per ton service service fee to an independent ECO-Foam-Concrete for accountability, marketing, advertising, and research developments proving value the to disbelievers; another $20 goes to a down payment on a costs plus 10% contract with an independent ECO-Mining-Milling to deliver shippable FOB product for less than what China is selling -325 mesh nepheline syenite (almost the same chemistry) for FOB $250 per ton.

To verify the $60, for now, bundle with a wait-in-line for by the ton delivery serial number, for simplicity is now identified as a FoamKrete™ ECO-Mined-Coin, controlled entirely before delivery by someone now qualified to be an independent FoamKrete™, DEALER.

As the in-place ton of nepheline syenite story as a physical product, basis is rock solid idea (backed by billions in underground reserves) is how individual dealers join together to form a FoamKrete™ distribution center. Or choose to be a part of an build-in ECO-Housing-America off-grid village (CO-OP?) which really is up to them, and their customers.

Next click the following ECO-Foam-Concrete cover leading back to FoamKrete™ Research and and development, 125 pages of Geological reports, a feasibility study, 12 maps and diagrams, plus 10 separate university level white papers. And unusual associated business development plans even leading to what some are calling ECO-Mined-Coin offering a solid trading base to replace BitCoins.

It is important to know, for now, that the buy-into housing dream is at the point where an independently owned contractor is dealing with the purchasing problems (as the tariff on Chinese nepheline grinder machinery ) finding the very best for the job equipment, as mentioned by coordinator USFS 2008-5 Plan of Action. In other words we have been promised product delivery, as contracted, within a year's time.

The second step in joining in a US housing revolution is to access the 125 page cyber safe PDF that explains the years it took to market ECO-Foam-Concrete as a retail FoamKrete™ (click on the the cover below)!

The FoamKrete refrence PDF. One Hundred twenty five pages of reports, maps, plan of action data


As I am close to reaching 80-years,I want to pass on this economic opportunity for energetic, self-starting forward thinking individuals looking for a pathway to success to "join in the start-up of an affordable housing business." Where one man, one vote, trumps casino capitalists have been controlling the emotional Wall Street big board game of "I Win," but sadly, where individual's retirement programs "You Loose."

I am an Asperger's innovative mensa thinker, as "share the wealth" Steve Jobs that Wall Street fired; Bill Gates along with Warren Buffet funding critical research into alternative answers to sustainability; and Henry Ford who doubled the daily wage on his Model T assembly line so the workers who produced his successful creation could actually afford to buy one to commute to work.

My today's Asperger's heroes besides Dr. Sheldon Cooper, are Elon Musk of Tesla fame, and an Al Gore that some politicians spit upon for "Global Warming" now coming back a decade later with an Inconvenient Truth to Power sequel. I would love to see a very convenient ECO Village, with a almost work from home business cluster before I pass.

Friend me, Barry Murray of and earn yourself my style of a make "America Great Again" hat by choosing which "tree hugger" way to go....

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