[ Attention MiningMagazines.com, and Barry Murray's TheProspector.com, or ECO-GoGreen-Magazine readers, looking for a way to help replace greehouse producing Portland Cement— consider that the good news to help Global Warming / Climate Change survival is that there is no carbon in the natural Nepheline Syenite geopolymer formula; and that the FoamKrete™ CO-OP is not controlled by a multinational cartel more concerned by profit, then making housing affordable.

Now I have done it!

How to follow up a very dramatic cover on what is supposed to be a simple retail brochure — introducing an absolutely needed Global Warming / Climate Change affordable Home Building Product?

The real problem is… how to sell someone waiting to be a customer of a very unique Al2O3/SiO2 Alumina-Silicate Geopolymer home building system that goes way past "The Three Little Pigs" fable about building three little houses of very different materials. You know, where he Big Bad Wolf blows down the first two pigs' houses, made of straw, and even strengthen with stick, until the BBW was unable to destroy the third pig's house, made of bricks.

Guess I should expand in a business as usual “elevator pitch” or a white paper “summary” that’s speed talks… Nepheline Syenite… no not cyanide, the poison … is the new gray gold…the Russians are trying to steal from Ukrainians … because they want to control the 3D printing of affordable housing… with what they have followed with a French term of Geopolymer cement/concrete… that the Chinese, along with the Australians, and Dutch proved that super strength Geopolymer home building system… also is fire n’ water proof!

Unfortunately until recently, BBW politics-as-usual flapping-lips generated hot air breaking news comments from monopolistic broadcasting on the people’s airwaves from sea to shining sea into the safety of our own living room, seemed to calm the non-voting sheeple. Aren’t science disbelievers so lucky to watch the “fake news entertainment” of an ever escalating battle against nature? As, poo-poo-ing proof of “natural tornadoes” recurring a little more often ripping roofs off stick built houses. And, how about those “King” tides, and flash floods, are washing everything but rock solid walls away, as predicted if you spent any time depicted by a FoamKrete™ logo protecting all those at risk from the melting of ice, resulting in fire.

The scientific scenario was first revealed on International TV with coverage showing a hobbyist’s video taken from inside his “Do It Yourself”Al2O3/SiO2 Alumina-Silicate Geopolymer built in Omak, Washington [the other one] home, of his neighbors’ ( who had been evacuated by the US Forest Service) largest lifetime investments burned down to mineral soil. This single event started Barry Murray’s search into what was an oligarchical control of a superior Al2O3/SiO2 nepheline syenite cement that in a number of laboratories tests had shown a Forest Fire Resistance Rating of four hours a 3000º degree! Nothing on Earth built by fire, is fire-proof. But, other testing has shown hydraulic, insulating FoamKrete™ to be past flame and waves, to be almost sound, mold, and bullet Proof.

Want to get into business protecting your retirement? Talk to Lucas.

How To Deal With Consequences

The disturbed natural cycle melting frozen winter rain in Western Miners Mountains—where runoff supplying summer’s irrigation supply could be calculated in a placer gold rush self regulated miner’s inch of flowing clean water per day. When a gulch runs dry, the economic well being of the golden state of California will start collapsing. This statement is not “Biden’s Democratic Inflation,” where one finger that is sort of pointed, is in an interesting style, to broadcast blame and shame?

Todays harsh lessons about surviving drought and famine is waisted upon some couch potatoes who live upon expensive GMO artificially flavored salted chips, washed down with a diet watered down beer, watching in reel time, children dying from the failure of mismanagement of the true wealth of the Earth. Things that are grown in mineral soil for harvesting, gathering, pumping. Those of us actually born during a not so Great Depression, tempered with the rationing points of WW2, and then pushed away from “birthright” resources needed for capital gain, also feel that perhaps the biggest loss to humanity is the throwing away of the manpower of an inspired, well educated, motivated, willing workforce.

So… now is the Time to

1) Vote your demand to protect your own family’s future in any election that has big money TV ads.

2) Stand up with other citizens to show those only in the game into making paper/electronic money, how dumb they really are.

3) Ask, “What box are you so-called thinking about to escape?”

And, call one of the three directors of ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association LCA, listed below for different directions, to learn how to own a $100 ton of in-place Table Mountain nepheline syenite, purchased from the individual, Barry Murray, aka “TheProspector.com”.

Once you are a legal owner/dealer, you also may make a decision on which retail marketing Limited Liability Corporation (controlled by voter members that makes it outside of securities laws in but two states) which for another $100 per ton will pre-qualify you for a mining and milling contract, if you so choose, where ECO-Mining-Milling[.com] Limited Cooperative Association LCA, will return your marketable trade-mark protected “Nepheline Syenite” bag or barrel.

Note that as Table Mountain Nepheline Syenite was formed by Creator, who doesn’t qualify to apply for Patent protection. His tithing royalty will be managed by Barry Murray, who at 83 years will be busy with a revival of ‘Miz Bobby's “Worthy Cause Media” to try and make amends for living such an exciting lifetime by trying to fixi others unhappy problems.

A almost unknown  building material that the Chinese are selling for $300-400 per ton FOB.

Get out your Calculator to Play with a $250 Million Reserve

Even better, the initial, individual owner of a $100 by-the-ton certificate, no matter where assigned to others, will also receive a 2.5% royalty also paid on the milled material FOB price, at the same time ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association takes their “all reasonable costs” plus a 10% royalty. And the Murray Family Charitable Foundation 2.5%, along with the Initial buyer’s 2.5%; a 2.5% to the organizers of FoamKrete. or ECO-Roman-Cement marketplace, vendor; and 2.5% going into a Holding Fund which will be working to insuring FoamKrete™, etc. built homes.

Which added up to the 10% to ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Association LCA— a totally different investment— that with four individual 2.5% royalties paid before FOB shipping, equals 20% off the top which should be very competitive with the current FOB price of $400 for the same milled chemistry shipped from China, and the harder to estimate $600 FOB Ohio and Southern California, American owned, 3M produced price of bagged Nepheline Syenite — who also have had a boost competing with a truly Internationally controlled Oligarchy prices that fluctuate as wildly as OPEC produce gasoline ?

A continuation of taking the right path is that the Murray Family obligation will come from the individual tonnage on Oregon Table Mountain Nepheline Syenite retained 2.5% royalty. Other 2.5% royalty holders may want match the family trust royalty payment with theirs to donate 5%, in their name to a recognized charitable need.

To discuss “membership” in our style “private marketing club” you have three choices on whom to connect with:

FoamKrete affordable Housing Materials

Three Ways For Individuals To Win!

FoamKrete is being managed by an experienced, licensed , building contractor, Lucas Ponce de León (360-702-1870) who was looking for source supply for his SuperiorPool Designer business used to climb out of an underwater hole bankruptcy caused by the Housing Crisis Crash of 2008, where to only winners were the TARP supported mortgage bankers. But, not the ‘suddenly’ homeless, uninsured, who do not enjoy sleeping on a "concrete hotel" bed.

The bottom line here for an individual is that once the contract to mine a registered number Bill of Sale Buy, The Ton Certificate, something that should qualify for at risk (though I am not a qualified Arthur Anderson Tax Account, or a Attorney Mark Dreier Ponzi scheme manipulator, should be able to take advantage of filing a personal self employment Schedule C, filed with a 1040.

Should you choose to sell your mineral asset, that also will have a 2.5% royalty at a world set FOB wholesale marketplace after it comes out of the milling process, of course you will have to pay the tax on what could be a sizable return on your initial investment.

Should you want to join other FoamKrete™ members to form an authorized distributor network (not a franchise) that also could invest in a rent-able for an on-site mixer pump for concrete foam delivery to where you want to build your dream home. Or, you could flow-through tax-wise to become a member of ECO-Housing-America.com, known for total off-grid developed communities, or villages, made possible from solar smart roofs that harvest rain before it disappears into a gutters to be processed in sewage plants. Other adaptations of this dream would be to have drip fed hydrophobic gardens, and an ECO-Natural-Pool.com for swimming in what is actually a fish farm. Again, chat with Lucas about making the impossible—happen.

ECO-Roman Cement.com, is the brainchild of an architectural award winning designer engineer, who to compete by breaking through glass ceilings started researching into the secrets of Roman Domes, self supported without steel reinforcement, for the benefit of designers who may have made a commitment to build with this unique material that docent seem controlled by outdated rules. After the collapse of a Florida seaside condo complex Sharon Ehlmann (818-214-9800) approached ’TheProspector” looking for an for material which could be made accessible through her personal TradeonBarter.com system of putting land owners into joint ventures to build, perhaps a revolutionary ECO-Houising-America.com retirement community designed with care-givers housing so that there would be the happiness of children sharing the community day care center, mixing young an old, in activities and classes, as cooking for potlucks and other social events.

— ECO-Geopolymer-Concrete.com is the company yet to be formed for joint-ventures, possibly with ECO-Minerals-Stockpile.net, which is acquiring additional Super-Cement additives past what is used for the raw $100 per ton Nepheline Syenite FoamKrete™. Other than looking for a solid source of Lime to replace Portland cement, I from my prospecting background am on the trail again for a “super cement” pinch of this, a secret pinch of that, together with nepheline syenite, which may become patented as the first ZeroCarbon-Cement.com, and closely followed by a ZeroCarbon-Concrete.com.

Unfortunately, as Coca-cola® has demonstrated the patenting process would give away the formula to anyone with a computer that could do a worldwide search. A far better practice, right now, is to establish a trade mark by actually selling something other than pump-an-dump stocks. Again, the contact with any ECO-Mining-Milling Limited Cooperative Director, listed above, including myself on a percentage royalty system, is the only acceptable way to bargain for big company perks past the introductory $100 per ton published— for now.

For more information on thousands of pages to scientific papers, due diligence proof of ownership, and the legality of measuring LLCs, please click on the following invitation to explore our Insiders Ice to Fire Brochure.

ECO-Mining-Milling has a contract to deliver a nepheline syenite geopolymer cement to replace the Portland cement producing 7-8% of greenhouse gasses.

As MiningMagazines.com productions have repeatably been trashed by hacker hit men that used to leave a bot when visiting from Ukraine, and China, that lately have been showing up in our web-stats as Russian—most likely a Al2O3 / SiO2 competitor, that may have business ties with North America, or allegedly is an American oligarch —clicking this catalog cover order form is a way around (hopefully) the misdirection of e-mail commerce, which if it isn't reined in will be the end of a free world wide web TheProspector.com has known since 1997!
The thoughtfull look on Barry Murray is wondering how it is that  still wet behind the ears are not listening to 83-years of wisdom?
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